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If there’s one day out of the year that most women wait for impatiently, it’s Valentine’s Day. This is the day when you breathlessly wait for the gift that your boyfriend will choose for you. Obviously, you’re hopeful that it will be more than just candy or flowers. valentine imagesAn engagement ring is the one present that every single woman who is devoted to her boyfriend longs for. As that special day approaches, you may find yourself wondering whether this will be the year that he’ll finally pop the question and slide a beautiful diamond ring on your finger. With a little insight you can read between the lines of your boyfriend’s behavior and you’ll be able to tell whether he’s on the cusp of proposing or not.

He Talks About Your Future Together

Men tend to be cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. They’ll keep their emotions close to the vest until they feel they can trust the woman they’re with. A man never wants to feel vulnerable in an emotional sense and to avoid that, most men will wait to proclaim their love for their girlfriend and will wait longer to even consider the idea of marriage.

If you’re with a man like this you have to learn to read between the lines of what he says. A lot of insight into a man’s heart can be garnered from listening to him talk about the future. When a man sees you as his wife and life partner, he’ll begin to show that through his words. He’ll say things about when you two buy a house together or how great it would be for the two of you to travel to Europe one day. He may not even realize that he’s dropping these subtle hints because he’s doing so subconsciously. The next time you two have a conversation about some event taking place in the future listen carefully to whether or not he includes you in his plans.

He Enjoys Weddings More Than He Has in the Past

When a man is considering proposing to his girlfriend he’ll suddenly have more interest in the weddings of other people. If you’ve had to unwillingly drag him to family weddings in the past, but now he eagerly wants to attend, take that as a very promising sign for your future with him. There’s a point in a man’s life when he shifts from seeing himself as a single man to that of a married partner.

You can also bring up the subject of weddings more easily with a man who is considering marriage himself. For instance, if you commented on the wedding dress an actress is wearing on television, your guy may be more open to giving his own opinion if he’s been imagining what you will look like in your own wedding dress when you’re walking up the aisle towards him.

Owning a Home is Suddenly on His Priority List

Many men still carry the old fashioned notion that they want to own their own home before they propose. That desire dates back to when they were young and they grew up in a loving, balanced home environment.

Dating a man gives you amazing insight into how he views the world and how he handles his own financial responsibilities. If a man, who was content to rent a small, cramped apartment, suddenly is on the market for a home that could easily and comfortably house an entire family, he’s definitely got marriage on his mind. If he includes you in all the planning for his new home, that’s an even stronger signal that a proposal is undeniably in the works.

He Plans Something Elaborate for Valentine’s Day

Most men go to an enormous amount of trouble when it comes to the actual proposal. If they happen to choose Valentine’s Day as the ideal day to pop the most important question you’ll ever hear, you should easily be able to put the pieces together of what his true motive is.

If your boyfriend is planning on taking you to a very expensive restaurant that in itself is a red flag. If it’s a restaurant that you two have never frequented in the past, you can almost guarantee that he’s planning on something big, most likely a proposal.

The same can be said if he’s gone out of his way to plan an adventurous outing for you two. Some men think it’s overly romantic to propose in a hot air balloon or on the big screen at a football or basketball game. The key is to pay attention to the plans that he’s made. If it’s something completely out of the box, chances are very good that an engagement ring will be part of the evening’s festivities.

Reading between the lines of your man’s behavior can certainly give you amazing insight into whether or not this Valentine’s Day he’ll drop to one knee and ask you to be his wife. Pay attention to the small things, they can often tell you a lot about where his heart is.

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