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Easy Survival Hacks That Will Crush Netflix and Chill | AWAYION BEAUTY (view enhanced post here

-easy-survival-hacks-that-will-crush-netflix-and-chill/) Hi, Friends! Think of what happens to girls whom agree with guys’ suggestions for Netflix and Chill dates. Chances are, your mind is not filled with pure thoughts. So, if you are a lady who desires purity and a godly marriage, you need ways to stop these dates from happening to you. In unblock us netflix , I will share with you easy survival hacks. Which will prevent any Netflix and Chill situation from occurring. These survival hacks can save you from slipping into old secular ways of dating.

Which do not align with The Living Word. *Disclaimer: These tips could help you if you are a believer in Christ. Also, this post is not about binge watching Netflix. This is about the slang meaning of “Netflix and Chill”* Sound interesting ladies? Okay, let’s start! . Know Your Worth First of all, the best way to prevent a Netflix and Chill situation is to know your worth as a lady. You are worth more than rubies. You are not a prostitute in need of a “John”.

You are a good thing to a man who courts you and makes you his help-meet. So, any guy that suggests a session of Netflix and Chill with you, only has one thing in mind-his sexual needs. He is not concerned about your future super fantastic wedding day. Or, planing any future dates with you-other than another bout of sexual gratification. . Invite a friend Moreover, you can crush any Netflix and Chill situation by inviting a friend or more with you on dates.

This is an awesome way to keep you safe. And protect your purity as you get to know your new guy. So, try this survival hack with a guy who wants you to take part in Netflix and Chill. Tell him that your encounters with him outside of a courtship will include other people. Trust me you will sink his battleship when you counter his Netflix and Chill offer. Especially, with this survival hack. You will also see his true intentions towards you. .